Clever Waterproof Sheets

That Stop The Never-ending Laundry Cycle

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Organic cotton sheets with built-in waterproofing for your little ones.

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Behind Little Sheets

The idea for Little Sheets came to our founder Minty when she was up to her neck in laundry - changing cot sheets and mattress protectors in the middle of the night after spew ups and nappy leaks. It’s only when you’re in the thick of that cycle that solutions seem abundantly clear, and that was when Minty asked herself: Why aren’t waterproof sheets a thing?

And before she knew it, Little Sheets was born.

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Our Newest Collections

Waterproof Cot Sheets

Size 132cm x 70cm x 19cm

Waterproof Single Bed Sheets

Size 132cm x 70cm x 19cm

Waterproof Bassinet Sheets

Size 45cm x 86cm x 8cm

The Little Sheets Promise

We promise to prioritise safety, comfort and ease-of-use for all Little Sheet customers.

We developed these collections to make life easier for parents, and we believe that even a tiny change like waterproof sheets can make a world of difference.

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All about Little Sheets

Little sheets started with the intention of reducing washing load and making sheet changing a whole lot easier!

Our sheets are waterproof! That’s right! There is no need to use a mattress protector anymore, therefore eliminating the two sheet changes when there is an unexpected accident or spill in the bed! We know how hard this can be! Especially during the night!

Our Little Sheets have been carefully designed to be luxuriously soft in order to create a more comfortable sleeping base for our children!

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Unlike other waterproof material we use TPU backing on our Little Sheets, this material is more earth friendly, provides a softer feel and is not crinkly like other materials on the market! 

Our sheets are:

❀ Made from Organic cotton
❀ Free from nasty dyes and colour
❀ Breathable 
❀ Biodegradable & Eco friendly

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Little Sheets

Waterproof Sheets For Awesome Sleeps

Little Sheets designs adorable waterproof fitted sheets so that you and your little one can have a good night’s sleep. All littlies experience some form of bed wetting, leakage, spit ups or bouts of gastro! and it’s a perfectly normal part of parenthood. However, it’s us mums and dads who can really feel the pressure and stress, especially when we find ourselves washing a full load of bedding three hours before we have to get up for work! Or simply throw a towel over the wet mattress! What ever works!

We love our bubs and todds all the same, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything we can do about this problem. The solution? Waterproof fitted sheets. These darling designs contain reathable, highly absorbent and organic cotton that is sure to protect your bub’s bedding from the thing they simply can’t control.

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Sheets Australia Has Available

Find these practical and game changing waterproof fitted sheets right here at our online store. Discover why they are so popular amongst families trying to make their lives a whole lot easier!