Waterproof Bassinet Sheets

Waterproof bassinet sheets to help bub with sleep

One of the things that is most important to us parents is our bubs having a good night’s sleep. Another thing that is really important to us is us parents having a restful night’s sleep. And we all know one of the things that impedes this happening: the dreaded midnight sheet change and wash cycle.
Yes, when we parents find ourselves picking up bub, removing their bedding, loading the washer and then the dry any time from 10 to six in the morning it can be a real drag. But it certainly does not have to be like this, as we now have access to the fabulous waterproof bassinet fitted sheet, the type that will ensure bub’s mattress stays dry and mould free during those unexpected accidents, illnesses and spills!
We recommend layering two sheets at a time, and in the case of a spit up or accident simply pull one off and voila, you’re ready to without the hassle of putting another sheet on!


Buy waterproof bassinet sheets with adorable designs

Not only are Little Sheets organic waterproof bassinet sheets made from breathable, eco-friendly and organic cotton, they are naturally non-toxic, antibacterial and biodegradable!
They also come in a range of adorable designs like coconut milk, bubbles, rosa, pretty pink and more!
These adorable designs are not only made to protect bub’s bedding at the time it is needed most, but they also look adorable and add to your nursery’s/ rooms aesthetic joy.


Waterproof bassinet sheets that change the game

Little Sheets is here not only to help Australia’s parents rest that little bit easier: they also are here to help the environment in every way possible. This means producing our waterproof fitted sheets with biodegradable, non-toxic, organic, cotton- the type that won’t harm the environment whilst helping you and your family achieve that more restful night’s sleep.
This is what’s important in a young family’s life, and we are here to help it happen and protect our magical planet!