Frequently Asked Questions

Little Sheets are waterproof fitted sheets that have been designed for your little ones and mums in mind!

They are made using GOTS certified organic cotton with no nasty chemicals or dyes!

Our Little Sheets have been cleverly designed to be breathable, super soft, comfortable, healthier for children and our majestic planet!

Our gorgeous cotton is carefully bound to a magical waterproof material we call TPU.

Unlike any other waterproof material on the market, TPU is proven to be more breathable, environmentally friendly, durable and healthy!

In the process of creating TPU, solvents are not used as opposed to traditional waterproof materials, hence, making it a cleaner and a more sustainable alternative! We are proud to say that our Little Sheets are biodegradable-once elastic is removed.

We really wanted to create something that was good for both our kids and out planet! We believe we nailed it!

Have you ever found your self changing sheets and protectors in the middle of night?

Those little spills, spews and accidents can be so time consuming with the extra washing to do in the morning! We wanted to take the stress out of layering, washing sheets and protectors by designing a 2 in 1! It's absolutely genius and the best life-hack!

Our Little Sheets will save you time and make clean up a breeze! All while keeping your little ones comfy!

Handy Little Sheet Tip- Layering two sheets on your bed will save you even more time when those accidents happen! Pull the wet one off and voila! There’s another one there all ready to go!

Our Little Sheets have been created with the highest quality Gots certified organic cotton. We have ensured no toxic dyes or chemicals have been used in the process, making it a perfectly healthy base for our children!

The waterproofing material is simply genius!

Our Little Sheets have been carefully designed to be soft and non noisy!

Absolutely not! Our Little Sheets are breathable and super soft to snooze on!

We are so excited to start creating larger sizes! Keep your eyes peeled!

Please refer to sizing before purchasing!