Waterproof Cot Sheets

Waterproof cot sheets to help you & your bub sleep

Oh no, it’s happened again, and again being every night for that matter. Your bub, has had a cheeky leakage, spit up or poop explosion! Yep, you know it, it’s seeped through to the bedding, forcing you and your partner to go through that age-old midnight process of washing the bedding, drying the bedding, getting bub back to sleep, stressfully trying to sleep again yourselves, you know the drill.
Oh, what a joy! Of course, having a bub is a joy, but that doesn't mean every little aspect of raising a baby should be perilous - some things should just be that little bit easier! One of such imperatives is eliminating the midnight wash cycle, and this can be done with Little Sheets waterproof cot sheets Australia.
Our organic waterproof cot sheets are designed to absorb the leakage that your bub just can’t help yet, ensuring both they and you have a slightly better night’s sleep. And with so many adorable designs available at great prices, it is easy to see why you might want to fit one over your bub’s crib!

Waterproof cot mattress sheets that change the sleep game

When you invest in waterproof cot sheets, you can be sure that you will be going a long way to ensuring you, your partner and your bub sleep better. How? Because you don’t have to spend all that time in the middle of the night cleaning up!

We recommend layering two sheets at a time, and in the case of a spit up or accident simply pull one off and voila, you’re ready to without the hassle of putting another sheet on!

What’s more, these adorable sheets are fully biodegradable and made from breathable, non-toxic, organic cotton, meaning you can trust your little one will sleep as comfortably and safely as possible! This is all part of Little Sheets’ ongoing dedication to helping you and your loved one’s get an awesome night’s rest.




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